Alfra Rotabest – Magnetic Swarf Remover






This unique Magnetic Swarf Remover “Clean Up Tool” can get under low machinery to pick up swarf, handling sharp parts or off cuts, cleaning non-ferrous scrap & recovering steel items

Collected scrap is discharged with a pull of the plunger. Position of plastic ring can be adjusted for effective magnetic length and to enable the tool to be rolled along a machine bed without grabbing the steel surface.

❚ Easy use, pull the end knob out to release magnet from metal shavings collected
❚ Strong magnet that attracts large amounts of swarf and metal shavings
❚ 150mm affectic magnetic pick up length
❚ Body constructed from Ø25mm stainless steel
❚ Adjustable material stop release via plastic ring
❚ Simply retract handle shaft to release magnetism
❚ Comfortable Ø32 x 180mm long rubber hand grip for better control
❚ Solid waterproof magnetic end without seams, can be submersed in coolant

❚ Stock Ordering Code: 11+0707

Additional information

Weight .600 kg
Dimensions 42 × 8 × 8 cm


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