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Plasma / Flame CNC. STEELTAILOR – ULTIMO DRAGON SERIES, Plasma – Flame Combo, 2500mm x 3000mm Table





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Plasma / Flame CNC. STEELTAILOR – ULTIMO DRAGON SERIES, Plasma – Flame Combo, 2500mm x 3000mm Table

Fastcam CNC Operating System, Dual Cutting Heads, Torch Height Control. Plasma Power Source Not Incl

Our ULTIMO Dragon Series – Gantry! Cut as wide as 2.5m Dual drive system offering ensures precise and stable cutting same as traditional Gantry.
The cutting bed length can be extended upto 15000mm in length.
Easy installation and adjustment.

❚2500mm x 3000mm cutting table
❚Plasma/oxy-fuel cutting, Dual drive system
❚ No Power Source / Plasma Supplied with this proposal
❚ We offer Hypertherm PMX 45 ~ 125 or similar – Power Source to be added to suit your cutting application
❚Larger cutting thickness, better cutting quality
❚Flame with automatic ignition system
❚High safety performance and capability of controlling gas circuit
❚Supports Nesting, nesting software included
❚Quick cable connector, connecting with Kjellberg or hypertherm plasma power and cutting machine
❚Strengthen load capacity, available for 16kg of cutting torch
❚Circuit and THC enjoy the function of anti-interference
❚compatible with most of the plasma powers
❚Dual drive, reinforced mechanical structure, be able to equip with high-power plasma
❚R&D on THC detector, which can simulate part of arc voltage output signal of plasma offered by customers

❚ FAST CAM Professional (drawing & nesting) CNC Cutting software included with machine.
❚ Machine console is pre loaded with standard industry templates for quick editing and cutting applications
❚ Program (nesting shapes), drawing is done by computer in office –
❚ Save G code into USB
❚ Program is transferred to G code
❚ Connect USB with machine controller
❚ Operate controller ( for this step, no computer is needed)

CNC Software Options
❚ We offer Fast Cam Professional CNC Cutting software standard on all machines. No hidden add ons!
❚ Nesting, Drawing Package & More – Visit www.fastcam.com for intro video and inclusion charts – including other add on modules available.
❚ Additional 2D, 3D, Cam Duct, Lantek and more specific software can be used offline and programs unloaded to this system as long as G coded.

Technical Data
Torch Height Control Automatic Arc voltage THC
Cutting Software Fastcam CNC supplied – Full Nesting
Input Voltage 110/220 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Input Power 200W
Display Color LCD 7 ”
Cutting Range X-Axis: 2500mm Y-Axis: standard 3000mm (can be increased to 15000mm
Cutting Speed 0-4000 mm/min
Dry Speed 6000 mm/min
Positioning acc 0.2mm
Repeatability 0.2mm
Cross Beam Length Flame:5 ~ 150mm Plasma:be subject to plasma
Cross Beam Length 3500mm/4000mm/4500mm
Longitudinal Length Effective cutting length +600mm
Mode of Cutting Type A : Plasma Type B : Plasma/Flame
Z Axis stroke 80mm

Power Source
❚ Hypertherm USA – Suggested from PMX45 ~ 125 subject to your cutting application.
❚ Click here to refer to Cutting Speeds & Charts – http://www.hypertherm.com/en/Service/Manuals/

We guarantee the best service & technical advice

Recommended Add On Accessories
❚21+0616 – STEELMASTER ULTIMO Dragon – Grooved Rails –Sold Per 1.5 Metre – Including Left & Right Hand
❚25-0258 – Air Dryer – Power System – Model: PSD-5N, 20 cfm, 16 Bar 2~3 Degree Dew Point, – 240V
❚25+0258 – Filtration – HYPERTHERM – Model: 128647 Micron Eliminizer Filter To Be Fitted To The PMX
❚25+0259 – Filtration – Power System – Model: PSF12F, Purity – 0.01 Micron, 54CFM Volume, Auto Drain.
❚21-0805 – CLEARMASTER SM-DR-3000 Laser / Plasma Fume Extraction System, 3000m/Hr. Anti-Spark Arrestor – Up to 1500mm x 3000mm Table
❚21-0806 – CLEARMASTER SM-PA-6000CT Laser / Plasma Fume Extraction System, 6000m/Hr. Anti-Spark Arrestor Up to 2000mm x 4000mm Table
❚25-0259 – Power System Model NB7/270 – 35 CFM Piston Compressor. 7.5 H.P- 415 v
❚25-0220 – AIRMASTER Rotary Screw Air Compressor & Air Dryer. Model: 11MK2, 58 cfm Capacity, 116 psi.
❚50+0200 – Digital Thickness Gauge – 0mm ~ 15mm
❚50+0112 – Digital LCD Vernier Calliper – 150mm Length.
❚Full Range of Consumables Available In Store or Online


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