Plasma / Oxy Combo CNC – STEELTAILOR LEGEND 3 Plus – CNC Plasma & Oxy Profiler. 1500mm x 3000mm





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Australian supported Hypertherm Power Sources!
Australian supported Fastcam CNC operating system!
Australian supported back up service and parts! 
In meeting our customer’s requirements in this global market, this heavy duty Industrial designed CNC Plasma Oxy Combo ticks all the boxes.
Attractive price, robust heavy duty industrial build design, proven Fastcam CNC operating system with drawing package and full nesting, backed up with second to none service. Simply select your Plasma Power Source to be added and away you go!
## Offered in the following options.
1. Table lenths upto 6000mm Long
2. With or without Oxy Head.
3. Hypertherm Plasma Sources we suggest PMX105, PMX125 or Maxpro 200 to be fitted

Powerful Plasma Cutting – 2mm ~ 40mm, based on your Plasma Power Source Selection, combined with heavy duty thick oxy cutting – 
The New LEGEND 3 Plus – Your first choice in Thick Plate Cutting. 
This heavy weight champion is suggested to be coupled with either HYPERTHERM 125 or Maxpro 200 as its choice power source able to Blind pierce through 25mm in a blank!
Its heavy weight table is designed for convenient loading and unloading of steel plate. The High Power THC makes the LEGEND 3 our thickest 
Cutting capacity Plasma in the STEELTAILOR range of CNC Plasma Cutters. 

 Heavy Duty Industrial Build 1500mm x 3000mm cutting table
 Dual head machine with Plasma & Oxy fitted.
 THC torch height control fitted
 superior cut speed, quality and stability
 optimum track speed. even for fine contours and tight radii
 large LCD 180mm display
 Fast Cam base module supplied standard or optional Fast Cam Professional available at additional price – Additional Info Below.
 high quality cnc controller options offering options, accepting G & M codes.
 compatible with common cutting softwares such as ARTCUT, CAXA, ARTCAM
 FastCam option compatible with Lantek HVAC cutting software, ideal for ductwork industry.
 small kerf, precise cutting, no cutting residue
 all DXF or DWG (from Autocad, Solidworks) formated files can be adapted.
 Plasma Power Source, Lead & Torch need to be added to suit customers cutting requirements.

Technical data
 cutting area – 1500mm x 3000mm
 Z travel – 100mm 
 2.0mm ~ 30mm – Plasma mild steel cutting capacity based on selecting optional Maxpro200
 blind piercing at 25mm capacity (Using Maxpro 200)
 Oxy cutting capacity approx 100mm
 larger engineered tables available to suit thicker plate 
 cutting speed – 0 ~ 8000mm / min 
 MAX cutting speed – 12,000mm / min 
 accuracy – 0.2mm 
 plasma torch diameter – 35mm
 work mode of plasma – non contact ignition
 dimensions – 3800mm x 2200mm
 crate dimensions – 3900mm x 2300mm x 1750mm (H) x 1600Kg
 weight – 1500Kg
 power source – 415volt
 24 month warranty

Suggested Power Source
 Hypertherm USA PMX 125 or MAXPRO200 – 
 Click here to refer to Cutting Speeds & Charts – http://www.hypertherm.com/en/Service/Manuals/

 FAST CAM (Basic) CNC Cutting software included with machine.
 Click here for Fastcam Overview – http://response.fastcam.com/knowledge-base/article/fastcam-information-starter-pack
 Program(nesting shapes), drawing is done by computer in office – additional offline drawing program required otherwise you can upgrade to Fast Cam Professional
 Save G code into USB
 Program is transferred to G code
 Connect USB with machine controller
 Operate controller ( for this step, no computer is needed)
 click this link for preview – www.youtube.com/user/FastCAMService
 FastCAM Information Starter pack:http://response.fastcam.com/knowledge-base/article/fastcam-information-starter-pack


FastCAM Information Starter Pack:
Very useful collection of links and articles for using FastCAM, as well as youtube guides on nesting

As for the differences between the versions:
FastCAM Standard Single Plate, True Shape Semi-Automatic Nesting.
Includes these trademarked products: FastCAM, FastPLOT & FastNEST interactive (semi-automatic nesting).
Also includes CAD smart tools and AutoCAD DWG import.

FastCAM Professional 
Full Shape fully automatic nesting. Multi Plate, Multi input, Multi Output Includes these trademarked products: FastCAM, FastPLOT, FastPATH & FastNEST Full Automatic Nesting Also includes CAD smart tools and AutoCAD DWG import Plus Common Cutting, Bridging & Gas Axe technology for skeletal plate breakup.

CNC Software Options
 Included – Fastcam Professional Software CNC Software With Graphic Convertor Feature & More – great if you don’t already have an offline drawing program. 

Services required to be provided by customer
 electrical connection.
 compressed air.
 air dryer, filter and air micron filters highly suggested – Asset stock codes for these are 25-0258, 25+0259 & 25+0258
 fume extraction provisions.
 Asset can offer you the above additional items on request.

We guarantee the best service & technical advice


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