Hilalsan HKM45 & HKM60 Punch Retaining Ring 38mm Bore (Punch Holder)
Back up parts & support is a vital key to purchasing any plant & equipment. We understand that sometimes you need the support and spare parts that keep your metalworking drill, mill, lathe, benders, guillotines, bandsaws and more working for years to come. That’s why we stock spare parts for most of our products and have a large team of service technicians to provide support. We ensure there are spare parts available when you need them. So not only do we provide the best value for money for your initial industrial purchase but we give you peace of mind for years after you purchase your metalworking machinery. Just another reason why Steelmaster Industrial is Australia’s leading online retailer of Industrial Metalworking Machinery products in store and online.

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Steelmaster Round Punch Stockists in Australia

If you have experienced nothing but the best of service and dependable output from your machines and equipment over the years then it makes sense that whenever parts or accessories are required to bring it back to its best, you seek out the same brand that you’ve always used. This is the case for plenty of businesses, but for many more where budgets are a little tighter, finding economic solutions often makes more sense. Read More

Securing a round punch isn’t necessarily difficult, but it is worth thinking long-term when you decide to spend, and whether you can afford to shell out more money sooner rather than later due to poor quality and parts that simply don’t live up to expectations.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are Steelmaster Industrial stockists and have a long history of providing their superior products, machines and accessories to the wider metalworking industry. We believe that customers should always bolster the effectiveness of their machines with parts that are dependable and that can deliver the kind of long-term service that they expect.

Regardless of what you want, even if it’s not currently listed among the items in our store, we invite you to connect with us and we will strive to source the perfect solution for you without having to take up too much of your time. We have established fantastic relationships throughout the industry, which affords us a unique network and access to a vast range of tools, parts, machines and equipment.

To Achieve Best Machine Use Seek the Best Parts & Service

While your pressing concern might be to acquire a round punch, there may be underlying reasons why your machines are not working at their optimum performance levels. Parts are very often worn down as a result of issues to do with the internal mechanics of the machine, or some fault that has gone unnoticed.

As such, here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we endeavour to create value for our customers in any way that we can. We have been in service of the metalworking industry for over 33 years and so we have gained a considerable understanding of where problems can occur and how best to rectify them, with minimal disruption to the business.

What this means for our clients is that they can call on us to deliver our superior service skills and deploy our trained technicians to get your factory floor working at its best again. Whether you feel that a detailed survey of the factory floor would serve you well, or if you just want to put a preventative maintenance schedule in place, rest assured that we are here to assist.

The net effect of tapping into the expertise of a team of knowledgeable service persons is that any parts or spares that you implement will be calibrated perfectly and afford you the chance to reap the rewards of your investment in the assets you depend on.

Our products include:

Even if you just need a simple spare part or an accessory, that’s what we do best and we can ship anywhere in Australia or New Zealand. If time is ticking and you’re counting the dollars that you’re losing, let us know and we can organise a speedy delivery.

So, whether it’s a round punch that you require, or if you want to bolster the effectiveness and efficiency standards of your factory floor, get in touch with the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery today.

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