HVAC Auto Duct Line Model: AML-2, 1300mm, Twin Decoiler, Leveller/Grooving/Notching/Shearing



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HVAC Auto Duct Line Model: AML-2, 1300mm, Twin Decoiler, Leveller/Grooving/Notching/Shearing/

Panasonic Servo System, PLC Controlled. Quick Action Beading On/Off Application Included – 415Volt
Our Duct production line II comprises of a twin decoiler, leveller, beading / ribbing profile, “V” and “口” notching unit, blanking shearing unit composition.

The beading / ribbing profile can be engaged or dis engaged to suit your finished product requirement – simple and quick operation.

The production line electrical control part adopts full servo control; the control system has a closed-loop feedback system, Accuracy and stability were obvious improved. The maximum operating speed of 16 m / min.

Length tolerance is ±0.5mm; diagonal tolerance is ± 0.8mm. The system can meet the each shift(8 hours) production capacity of 1000m2 duct.

Technical Data
❚Up to 1300mm wide material
❚Panasonic Servo PLC Control
❚Levelling, Beading / Ribbing, Notching & Shearing
❚Thickness: 0.4-1.0mm
❚Shearing tolerance of ±0.5mm
❚0-16m/min feeding speed, fast acting back gauge
❚Dimensions: 5400mm x 1850mm x 1400mm x 3900Kg


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