HVAC / Sheetmetal Button Punch Snap Lock. Steelmaster Model: SM-SLC-20. Lock Former 1.0mm Capacity

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HVAC / Sheetmetal Button Punch Snap Lock. Steelmaster Model: SM-SLC-20. Lock Former 1.0mm Capacity

Specially designed for HVAC commercial and industrial ductwork, these Button Punch Snap Lock machines will turn out perfectly formed locks.
They will produce both a female button lock (inboard rolls) and a button-punched right-angle flange (outboard rolls). 9-station machine.

❚a must for all HVAC sheetmetal, ducting and climate control fabricating workshops
❚positive lubrication to all moving parts via grease nipples
❚hardened and ground shafts with case hardened formers
❚hardened sheet guides
❚extended shafts for additional rolls
❚approx 14 m/min. forming speed
❚large in-feed table

Technical Data
❚9 stage roll configeration
❚button punch snap lock with turn up supplied as standard
❚snap lock dimensions as follows, 12mm turn up height, 15mm snap lock width, 50mm spacings.
❚opposite station has snap lock female profile
❚0.6mm ~ 1.0mm capacity.
❚work table height – 810mm
❚3Kw 415Volt – 3 Phase Power.
❚1500mm x 630mm x 1000mm x 300Kg Dimensions

Where to Source a Snap Lock Machine in Australia

Planning for the future of your business requires investment. While there are plenty of reasons readily available to you why you should seek a second-hand snap lock machine or a refurbished model, the savings that you make in the short-term may ultimately come back to bite you. Read More

The problem with acquiring models that already have delivered a lot of service is the wear and tear that they have already sustained. A refurb or second-hand acquisition always leaves a little doubt in the back of one’s mind about just how long it will last. As such, sourcing new models from worthy suppliers is a smarter choice for a more certain future.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are the number one choice among countless metalworking companies when they seek to bolster their existing machines, replace broken-down equipment or to secure the very best of new machinery at exceptional prices. We have been in this industry for over 33 years and in that time built our reputation on that of a team with exceptional knowledge and dedication to their customer base.

We believe that relationships are essential to promoting better business practices. To this end, we strive to cultivate and grow the relationships that we have with our customers and the manufacturers of the high-quality equipment and machinery that we stock and supply. This is why we have such a high rate of success when the time comes to source parts or equipment that we don’t currently have in stock, and on short notice. We are the one-stop-shop that delivers on its promises.

How to Adapt Your Machines to Modern Standards

If you are appraising considering acquiring a button punch snap lock machine or if you are looking at the equipment that you already have working on your factory floor, wondering whether you could squeeze another year out of it before you invest, you’ve come to the right place.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we understand that acquiring new equipment and machinery is something that you and all other businesses person like to plan for and plan well in advance of making the investment. As such, while we have everything that you will likely require here to ship from our warehouse in Dandenong, Victoria, we can also assist those who need to extend the life of their current assets.

The knowledge that we have acquired over the past three decades affords us with an enviable capability to provide servicing as well as preventative maintenance for our customers. All of our technicians are fully trained and are ready to talk you through any minor repairs over the phone or to complete a service at locations.

Our products include:







  • And much more…

We bolster our brand new machinery and equipment offerings with a comprehensive range of spare parts and have the capability to service and repair all engineering, metalworking fabrication and Sheetmetal machinery. We also deliver machinery customisation and can reinvigorate previous generation machines so that they are compliant and meet the demands of your workplace today.

So, whether you need a little guidance and advice with regards to the options you have concerning your current assets, or if you are in the market for a snap lock machine at industry direct prices, then the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery will certainly be able to help. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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