Precision Modular Vice – 100mm Jaw Width, Hardened & Precision Ground.



sku 13+0342
jaw width 100 mm
jaw height 30 mm
opening capacity 100 mm
weight (nt) 8.5 kg


Precision Modular Vice – 100mm Jaw Width, Hardened & Precision Ground.

These milling vices are fantastic quality and will rival the best milling vises on the market today. Use them on high precision CNC mills or regular vertical mills without hesitation. They cost more than our other milling vises, but if you want the best, these vises will not disappoint!
3 x sizes available.
All of this is possible thanks to the high precision of the vice particularly in regards to the following
❚ the base height
❚ perfect alignment with longitudinal key nut with respect to the fixed jaw
❚ the perpendicularity of the fixed jaw with the respect of the vice base and the parallelism of the bas top and bottom surfaces

These high precision vices are modular and components of the vices are interchangeable with perfect alignment. The vices can be matched side by side with the highest precision and minimum of set up times thanks to many fixed reference points

❚ manufactured under rigid quality control
❚ hardened and ground with high precision
❚ can be used in matching pairs
❚ offers maximum use of clamping area
❚ includes clamping kit
Technical Snapshot
❚ 100mm jaw width
❚ 100mm jaw opening
❚ 30mm jaw height
❚ weight: 6.5Kg
❚ product ordering code: 13+0342

❚ Overall Body Length 275mm x 75mm x 35mm
❚ Base to top of Jaw 65mm
❚ Top of base to top of Jaw is 30mm
❚ T Slide is 10mm ion width

❚ 4 clamps
❚ 2 tools
❚ 2 x 16mm tslots with screws
❚ 1 x clamp bar with 2 screws
Questions Usually asked:

1.What is the tolerances on the grind of the slides
A: Parallelism 0.005mm,

2.What is it made from what sort of material
A: 20crmnti

3.Can you please provide the tolerances for the vice parallelism,
A: Vertical are 0.005mm

4: What is the clamping force
A: Clamping force is 3000kg

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 25 × 12 × 10 cm


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