MULTI 70. Punch & Shear. Steelmaster 70Ton Hydraulic Double Cylinder, Punch, Shear. Crop & Notch

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MULTI 70. Punch & Shear. Steelmaster 70Ton Hydraulic Double Cylinder, Punch, Shear. Crop & Notch

This true Industrial strength Ironworker is your perfect partner in metalworking fabrication.
If you fabricate with steel, you’ll want one of these Punch & Shears working for you.
With five independent stations for punching, flat bar shearing, notching, angle cutting and section cutting, you’ll appreciate the convenience and labour savings over traditional methods. A work auto cut length stop is included for cutting uniform parts to length and a safety foot pedal makes operation extremely easy. Production tooling pack also supplied with 10 complete sets of round punch and dies along with a multi vee Pressbrake attachment for bending applications.
Now also included we have added laser punch guide for easy alignment!
❚ double cylinder hydraulic punch & shear machine
❚ hydraulic flat plate shear clamping now standard
❚ large punch table with multi-purpose bolster, removable table block for overhang channel / joist flange punching applications
❚ swing-away punch-stripper unit
❚ two universal bottom die holders included
❚ hydraulic clamp assist flat plate shearing station with square & angle guides
❚ angle cropping station
❚ round and square solid cropping station
❚ rear notching station
❚ 1000mm electric touch and cut feature
❚ pressbrake bending attachment supplied
❚ 10 sets of standard Kingsland type punch and die tooling included
❚ low power inching and adjustable stroke at punch station
❚ overload relief on the hydraulic system
❚ centralised pressure lubrication system
❚ roving foot pedal operation
❚ emergency stops
❚ machine manual
❚ service toolkit
❚ hydraulic oil supplied
❚ CE compliantTechnical Data Snap-Shot
❚ New hydraulic clamping on shearing station
❚ 26mm hole in 20mm plate (optional 57mm x 9mm)
❚ 55mm stroke length
❚ 1100mm working height
❚ 450mm deep punch throat depth – this is a must for all base plate work!
❚ 375mm x 15mm flat plate shear / also 300mm x 20mm
❚ 127mm x 127mm x 13mm angle crop also 70mm x 10mm at 45 degrees.
❚ 45mm round & square cropping
❚ 100mm x 45mm x 12mm rear notch
❚ 500mm x pressbrake bending kit supplied
❚ 130mm x 65mm section channel available – optional **
❚ shipping dimensions – 1640mm x 710mm x 1830mm
❚ weight – 1850Kg
❚ power – 415V 5.5Kw
Accessories Included
❚ 10 sets round punch & dies / short series punches (9001)
❚ electric touch & cut feature
❚ pressbrake attachment for bending
❚ toolbox & manual
Optional Features
❚ Channel cropping – 100mm x 50mm x 5.3mm or 130mm x 65mm x 6mm (1 only)


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