Quick Change Tool Post Set 300 (A) series. 5 Piece Set To Suit 150mm – 300mm Lathe Swing

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Quick Change Tool Post Set 400 (E) series. 5 Piece Set To Suit 200mm – 400mm Lathe Swing

Our European engineered quick action wedge-locking system from quick change sets provide a powerful combination of a downward, outward and inward force that simultaneously locks the holder. Maximizing rigidity further is the tool post body made from quality steel, which is thru-hardened, surface-treated, coated for for protection and durability in machining environments. Precisely machined and ground with the most advanced technology.
❚ Swings 150mm ~ 300mm
❚ 5 piece set comprising tool holder head, 3 x square tool holders & 1 x round tool holder.
❚ Round tool holder Type: H, Series: AH 20-85, Tool Holder: 20mm x 90mm
❚ Square tool holder Type: D, Series: AD 20-90, Tool Holder: 20mm x 90mm
❚ our European quick change tool holders are compatible with all popular model lathes
❚ tool holders are fixed against the central bodies gears by means of 2 chuck halves and an eccentric bolt
❚ repeating accuracy 0.01mm
❚ 40 different angular positions
❚ height adjustment via knurled screw
❚ angle scale displayed on head
❚ product ordering code: 12+0115

❚ Turning Diameter : 150 – 300
❚ Slide width Max (z) : 100mm
❚ Cutting tool rest Width (d) : 14mm
❚ Tool Max (h) : 20mm
❚ Hole Standard (v) : 20mm
❚ Depth of bore hole max (s) 31mm
❚ Total Width : 100mm
❚ Total Height : 54mm
❚ Depth of Bore hole max : 35mm


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