RDB-100 Tube & Pipe Bender. BAILEIGH Industrial. 33.4mm x 3.4mm (1”) Pipe Capacity, 45mm x 2mm Tube


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RDB-100 Tube & Pipe Bender. BAILEIGH Industrial. 33.4mm x 3.4mm (1”) Pipe Capacity, 45mm x 2mm Tube


Looking for a top quality manual tubing bender to help out with production in your shop? The RDB-100 from Baileigh Industrial is perfect for the industrial fabricator that needs to bend lower production runs with very professional looking bends. Constructed of steel plate the RDB-100 ships mostly assembled with only the handle and stand needing to be attached. Like all top loading tube benders from Baileigh Industrial, the RDB-100 was made to accept hundreds of round and square tubing die sets as well as round pipe dies sets. The RDB-100 is capable of bending up to 1-3/4″ OD tubing with a maximum wall thickness of .095″ and 1″ schedule 40 pipe.
The RDB-100 manual tubing bender from Baileigh Industrial uses a large diameter indexing plate that allows the operator to bend up to 206 degrees (180 degrees plus spring back) without having to re-index and re-pin common on most other manual tube benders on the market. A tension spring back mechanism holds the position as the bend mechanism grabs the next tooth on the index wheel. When requirements are for lighter gauge materials the RDB-100 ratcheting bend system can be shut off and the handle can be put into a manual override housing that allows the operator to simply walk around the manual bender and bend without the power of the indexing unit.
The RDB-100 includes the stand, degree dial, and handle. A large degree scale displays your bend angle and all the tooling has a start of bend indicator line so complex bends can be made with ease. A quick release counter die system allows for quick loading and unloading of the material.

❚Suitable for production work.
❚Ratchet operation.
❚Two speeds
❚Bends 180 degrees in one shot
❚Uses standard Baileigh drop on die sets for fast tooling changes
❚Replaceable bronze bushings at all pivot points with grease nipples.
❚Degree setting for ease of operation
❚Stand & handle included
❚Infinite tooling possibilities.
❚Tooling additional to price.

Technical Features
❚Mild Steel Pipe – 33.4mm x 3.4mm (Schedule 40)
❚Aluminium Pipe – 33.4mm x 4mm (Schedule 40)
❚Stainless Steel Pipe – 27mm (Schedule 40)
❚Mild Steel Round Tube – 42mm x 2mm
❚Aluminium Round Tube – 50mm x 3mm
❚Stainless Round Tube – 38mm x 2mm
❚Chromalloy Round Tube – 38mm x 2mm
❚Mild Steel Solid Rod – 25mm
❚Mild Steel Square Tube – 25mm x 25mm x 3mm
❚Maximum Speed To 180 Degrees – N/A
❚Maximum Centre Line Radius – 267mm
❚Minimum Centre Line Radius – 13mm
❚Power – N/A
❚Weight – 132Kg
❚Dimensions – 1067mm x 560mm x 1067mm (H)


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