SG1030-WJS. Linishing & Deburring Machine. Jonsen. 1000mm wide capacity, 1-70mm Working Thickness. POA.


sku 14-0117
max. working width 1000 mm
min. working width 275 mm
working thickness 1 ~ 80 mm
feed speed 2 ~ 11 mm
belt dimensions (w x l) 2200 x 1300 m/mm
motor power 12.5 / 415 km/V
dimensions (l x w x h) 1600 x 1600 x 1900 mm
weight(nt) 2000 kg


SG1030-WJS. Linishing & Deburring Machine. Jonsen. 1000mm wide capacity, 1-70mm Working Thickness,

❚JONSEN deburring machines are leaders in the market of deburring equipment.
❚with a complete range of products we can offer you the best solution to your deburring applications.
❚an extremely robust machine.
❚perfect for deburring of punched and laser cut parts, as well as deburring / deslagging machines for flame and plasma cut parts.
❚dry deburring machines are extremely low in maintenance, and should be chosen if no material mix has been processed, suitable for stainless steel fabricators and plasma cut parts.
❚wet deburring machines are ideal when a material mixed out of steel, stainless and aluminium is to be deburred. this ensures that there will be no contamination of stainless with steel debris and vice versa.
❚call through with your requirements now.

JONSEN Metal Grinding Machine
Model: SG1030-WJS
Application: Steel, Stainless steel, non-ferrous metal
1. Grinding head: Single head wet operation
❚Contact rollers and pinch rollers are covered with high quality, heat and oil resistant rubber. The diameter of the contact roller is 185mm standard.
The durometer is 55°, different durometers are available upon request.
❚ 3 Seconds emergency disk brake of main motor.
❚ Front lock on grinding head, with fine adjustment.
❚SKF spherical bearings are used on the contact roller. A
central lubricating system insures a long life.
❚In order to correct the deflection of abrasive belt the tension roller oscillates.
❚Photo eye controlled abrasive belt tracking.
❚The oscillating air cylinder and tension cylinder are of heavy duty construction and easy to maintain.
❚ Fine adjustment of oscillation
❚ Abrasive belt size: 1030mm×1900mm
❚ Contact roller is driven by a tapered shaft pulley assembly.
❚ Water coolant pipes are located in front of and in back of each contact roller. A portable spray hose is also provides to clean the machine.
❚ Main motor: 11KW, (Standard speed).
❚ Water-proof of each bearing, prolong the lifetime.
❚Freestanding automatic paper filter:
❚Air knives drying device at machine outlet.

2. Conveyer
❚ High-quality rubber rough top conveyer belt standard and rubber covered drive roller.
❚ Rubber covered pinch rollers before and behind aggregate, heat and oil resistant 60mm diameter.
❚ Electronic automatic abrasive belt tracking.
❚ 4-pillar synchronized jack system electrically operated with manual fine adjustment of work table.
❚Patented external jack screws are mounted externally so as not to touch the fluids prolonging the life.
❚Magnetic grid positioning sensor for work piece thickness calibration.
❚The conveyor is a motor (frequency controlled) and worm gear box to provide variable speed of 2-11 m/min.
❚Table capacity1-70mm.

3. Electricity
❚ Voltage: 400V (must be prefixed), 3 phases. 50HZ
Voltage of controller: 24V
Total Power: 17.82KW
❚ Schneider low-voltage equipment.
❚ Omron Photo-electrical abrasive belt tracking device.
❚ Main Motor: 11KW
Feed Motor: 1.1KW
Lifting Motor: 0.37KW
Pump Motor: 0.75KW
Dryer motor: 4.6KW
❚ Inching switch for lift of worktable, conveyor returning button,
start & stop of coolant pump and dryer on
Front of centralized operating panel.
❚MINICOK digital read out, in inch or metric.
❚ Conveyer speed is controlled by frequency inverter.
❚ Main electrical switch disconnect on front door of electrical cabinet,safety interlocks on all access doors.
❚ Emergency finger protection guard is found on the front of the conveyor table at entrance to avoid injury.
❚A total of 6 protection switches, including 2 abrasive belt switches, 1 conveyer belt switch, and 3 emergency switches to insure safety of operator.
❚ Amp meter to monitor abrasive belt load.
❚Air pressure regulation is located on front bottom portion of the frame.
❚Service key in electrical cabinet.

4. Rack and construction
❚ Under-rack is a high rigid steel sheet of 6mm, after folding, cutting, welding.
❚ Upper-rack is a high quality cold rolled steel sheet of 1.5-2.0mm.
❚All rollers are made of carbon steel 45#.
❚All rotating shafts are balanced.
❚A water-prevent roller is located on the inlet of the feed. Two
Groups (total four) of water pressure rollers are on the outlet, pressure the work piece, to avoid no water breakage during grinding.
❚ The whole machine is anti-rusty
❚ Inside of upper-rack is made of stainless steel sheet.

5. Options
❚ PLC controller, with colored touch display
❚ Main Electricity with frequency adjustable speed setting.
❚Automatic thickness setting M15
❚In & out feeding table: 600mm+600mm

Technical Data
❚Maximum working width: 1000mm
❚Working thickness: 1-70mm
❚Minimum working length: 270mm
❚Feed speed: 2-11m/min
❚Total motor power: 17.82KW (standard)
❚Measurement of abrasive belt: 1030×1900mm
❚Dimension: 2100×2150×2050mm
❚Weight: 2.5t


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