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135-4000CNC2 iBend Pressbrake – ULTIMO. 2 Axis Graphical CNC Controller, Precision Servo Drive



MODEL NUMBER: 19-0207i

Sku 19-0207i
Capacity 135 ton
Working table length 4000 mm
Distance between columns 3600 mm
Throat depth 420 mm
Back gauge travel 600 mm
Stroke of ram 150 mm
Stroke adjustment of ram 120 mm
Number of strokes 8 spm
Open height (max) 415 mm
Motor power 7.5 / 415 kw/V
dimensions (l x w x h) 4100 x 1850 x 2800 mm
weight (nt) 9900 kg


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135-4000CNC2 iBend Pressbrake – ULTIMO. 2 Axis Graphical CNC Controller, Precision Servo Drive

Our new iBend CNC2 Series offers you everything you want at the right price.
Feature packed and driven by the powerful iBend Touch Screen CNC controller, we have also included full front and rear safety light guards.
No more plus, plus or hidden costs, this is it! Deep side throats, ball screw back gauges, quick release tool clamping (Up To 170Ton), sliding front supports – this list goes on and on!
Operators cant do without it!

❚hydraulic synchronised positive stop design, electronically controlled by CNC iBend Programmable controller assuring accurate repeatability and ease of use..
❚CNC iBend programmable precision ball screw back gauge with adjustable height finger stops.
❚segmented heavy duty 86° offset top tool, segmented for return bend clearance, complete with European style quick release tool holders.
❚full length Multi Vee bottom block with a smart selection of openings also including safety edge vee (‘V’) for over bending.
❚ball screw drive back gauge with quality support fingers also with vertical adjustment.
❚sliding steel fabricated sheet supports enabling a wide range of material sizes to be aligned and supported at the correct required height.
❚conveniently mounted control box on pendant for quick swivel and adjustments.
❚integrated hydraulic system allowing rapid approach switching automatically to slow bend.
❚modern designed pendant foot pedal operation with stainless braided cable.
❚variable hydraulic pressure control valving fitted standard.
❚safety and material selection bending charts mounted on front beam for easy access.
❚prices includes front and rear safety Laser Light Guarding to Australian compliance.
❚in addition, we can also offer 3 ~ 7 axis proessbrakes to suit your requirements.
❚CE compliant.

iBend Features
❚the most user friendly touch screen CNC controller on offer.
❚backed by the support team at Asset Plant offering direct contact.
❚large user friendly Touch Screen.
❚easy Job Selection.
❚select existing jobs from the library.
❚jobs can be named and saved for future use. A virtually unlimited number of jobs can be saved.
❚jobs open with all relevant data like bend sequence, material thickness, right Tool, Die & V, angle corrections, which bends were done from front or rear etc. This saves lots of set-up time.
❚each operator can have his own password with his own job library.

iBend – Easy steps to put you in production in no time!
Step 1. New: Simple & Easy!…..
Simply touch the grid to draw the subject profile.
Press OK to return to the main screen.
Step 2. Simply touch on the dimension or angle of the profile on the right to edit the value on the popup keypad.
Step 3. So simple!…….. See the profile on one side for easy editing….. and the folding simulation on the other!
• View the actual folding sequence simulation on the graphic of a Press Brake as you fold in real time or screen sequence mode.
• Change folds from front to rear to maximise production.
• Step through the whole sequence without wasting time or material.
• Touch the “Auto fold” button or set the fold sequence manually simply by entering the sequence (1 2 8 7 6 5 3 4 for the example).
Step 4. Enter material thickness and width.
Step 5. Select the right tool and die from the library and start production.

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚135 Ton Bending Capacity
❚4000mm Bending Length
❚3600mm Distance Between Frames
❚420mm Side Throat Depth
❚150mm Ram Stroke
❚415mm Open Height
❚Italian DSP laser guards included
❚7.5Kw / 415V Motor Power
❚4400mm x 1850mm x 2800mm Footprint
❚10200Kg Weight

When selecting an Ultimo Pressbrake v other so called CNC brands pay close attention to these key features included on ours Valued at over $20000

❚ Frame Width – Wider the Better
❚ Operating System Support – Ensure after sales support is directly through the supplier not 3rd party
❚ Our CNC is Factory Fitted No Retro Fitted Like Others
❚ Servo Driven – If It’s Not – wont operate efficiently
❚ Quick Change Tool Holders – Must Have!
❚ Sliding Front Supports
❚ Beam Mounted Laser Guards – If not, will push the operator 400mm away from tooling restricting them from bending small pieces
❚ Bottom Tooling Mounted In Cradle
❚ Ends Top Tooling Scalloped Allowing Operator To Work The End Of The Tooling
❚ Wall Mounted Ballscrew Back gauge allowing Flexible Material Bending
❚ Open Rear Of Pressbrake With Laser Safety Guards
❚ LED Illuminated Rear of Pressbrake Ensuring Better Operating Environment
❚ Quality Back gauge Finger with Adjustable R Axis (Up & Down) Adjustment
❚ The Above Quality Features add $20000+ In Valued Inclusions to Your Machine Not To Mention Make the Operator Experience Better!

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