CHP-21G CEVISA Adjustable Plate Bevelling Machine. Complete with 1 x Standard Milling Cutters




CHP-21G CEVISA Adjustable Plate Bevelling Machine. Complete with 1 x Standard Milling Cutters

The CHP-21g is the most universal machine with adjustable angle setting. It is versatile, adaptable and is easily transported on its own trolley.
This machine performs 1.7 m/min. bevel to receive welding seams with 20 mm. depth in plates up to 50 mm. thickness and 50Kg/mm2 strength.
For full product information, please see attached pdf data sheets.
We also support all CEVISA Spare Parts – Call ASSET

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚20mm max. bevel depth in 1 x pass.
❚10mm minimum plate thicknes
❚50mm maximum plate thickness
❚2600mm bevelling length per min.480mm swing in gap
❚370Kg machine weight

❚1 x angle vibration attachment
❚1 x set milling cutters
❚tool box and operation manual

Optional Parts & Accessories as follows
❚30 degree standard angle variation device supplied.
❚Angle variation device – sold per angle
❚Angles available – 22.5/25/30/35/3735 & 45 degrees

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Get your plate bevelling machine from Asset Plant & Machinery

As Australia’s leading supplier of industrial machinery, you can’t go wrong when you buy from Asset Plant & Machinery. We have the most extensive range of top quality products at competitive prices and high standards of customer service that have kept us in the lead since 1966.

Still going strong after more than 50 years in the business, Asset Plant & Machinery is a trusted supply partner you can rely on.

Our plate bevelling machine is a sturdy and durable machine that does the job beautifully. You will immediately notice the high quality of the product, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that it is such an easily portable machine thanks to its large metal casters (2 x fixed and 2 x universal). This portability makes cleaning up after a job easier and safer.

Technical details of the plate bevelling machine with keyway milling cutter

This machine can accept plates from 10mm to 50mm in thickness. It weighs 370kg and requires 415 volts of power to operate. It includes as standard items 1 x angle vibration attachment, 1 set of milling cutters, a 30 degree angle variation device, a toolbox, and an operation manual.

You can also request additional angle variation devices ranging from 22.5 degrees to 45 degrees (specifically the available angles are 22.5, 25, 30, 35, 37.5, and 45 degrees).

These are automatic feed machines, which can work at an incredible speed of 2.6m per minute. This is far above the average for a machine of this type, which typically can only operate at a maximum of about 1m per minute. A variety of plate materials can be used with the machine.

In practice, the machine is very easy to operate and is designed to be appropriately ergonomic, with controls at the correct height to allow for comfortable operation and some amount of adjustment possible. Although most operators will prefer to use the trolley that the unit comes with, it can actually be removed from the trolley where this is decided to be the better option.

Numerous bevelling profiles are possible. Contact us to find out more about specific bevelling options to suit your intended application.

Always in supply, always in demand

Our plate bevelling machines are a popular item, and as Australia’s largest supplier of this type of machinery, you can depend on us to have as many as you need whenever you need them. We deliver throughout Australia, and products are shipped promptly once your order is completed.

On site service and support

Our service team can come to you to provide any required servicing, adjustments, or repairs for your machinery. If you ever experience a problem or need advice, simply call our toll free number for prompt and courteous customer service.

We go out of our way to serve the needs of our customers, and that’s why we’re number one in the industrial machinery supply business in Australia. We are here to help, whatever the case may be.

To buy a new plate bevelling machine or get help with your existing one, all you need to do is contact us.

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