MULTI 165. Punch & Shear. Steelmaster 165Ton Hydraulic Double Cylinder, Punch, Shear. Crop & Notch.




MULTI 165. Punch & Shear. Steelmaster 165Ton Hydraulic Double Cylinder, Punch, Shear. Crop & Notch.

This true Industrial strength Ironworker is your perfect partner in metalworking fabrication.
If you fabricate with steel, you’ll want one of these Punch & Shears working for you.
With five independent stations for punching, flat bar shearing, notching, angle cutting and section cutting, you’ll appreciate the convenience and labour savings over traditional methods. A work auto cut length stop is included for cutting uniform parts to length and a safety foot pedal makes operation extremely easy. Production tooling pack also supplied with 10 complete sets of round punch and dies.
Now also included we have added laser punch guide for easy alignment!

❚ double cylinder hydraulic punch & shear machine
❚ hydraulic flat plate shear clamping now standard
❚ large punch table with multi-purpose bolster, removable table block for overhang channel / joist flange punching applications
❚ swing-away punch-stripper unit
❚ two universal bottom die holders included
❚ hydraulic clamp assist flat plate shearing station with square & angle guides
❚ angle cropping station
❚ round and square solid cropping station
❚ rear notching station
❚ 1000mm electric touch and cut feature
❚ 10 sets of standard Kingsland type punch and die tooling included
❚ low power inching and adjustable stroke at punch station
❚ overload relief on the hydraulic system
❚ centralised pressure lubrication system
❚ roving foot pedal operation
❚ 2 x magnetic base work lamps
❚ LED lighting over shearing station
❚ emergency stops
❚ machine manual
❚ service toolkit
❚ hydraulic oil supplied
❚CE compliant

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚New hydraulic clamping on shearing station
❚42mm hole in 25mm plate
❚80mm stroke length
❚600mm deep punch throat depth – this is a must for all base plate work!
❚600mm x 20mm flat plate shear / also 355mm x 30mm
❚180mm x 180mm x 16mm angle crop also 80mm x 10mm at 45 degrees.
❚65mm round & square cropping
❚100mm x 60mm x 13mm rear notch
❚280mm x 86mm section channel available – optional **
❚shipping dimensions – 2680mm x 1100mm x 2380mm
❚weight – 6800Kg
❚power – 415V 11Kw

Accessories Included
❚10 sets round punch & dies / long series punches (9006)
❚electric touch & cut feature
❚toolbox & manual

Recommended Add On Accessories
❚16+0135 – Tooling Kit 9006 Punches / 9023 Dies = 10mm, 12mm, 14mm , 16mm, 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm 28mm
❚16+0074 – Swan Neck Bolster to Suit 70/90/120 Range
❚16+0079 – Louvre Punch Bolster to Suit 70/90/120 Range
❚15+0290 – Roller Stands.52mm x 400mm Adjustable Height. 650 – 1080 High 200kg load capacity
❚15+0291 – Roller Stands. Heavy Duty 52mm x 125mm V – Type Adjustable Height 580 – 970 high 200kg capacity
❚15+0057 – Gravity Roller Conveyor Kit. 360mm x 3000mm. Complete with Adjustable Height Legs
❚Full Range, Round Punch & Dies in Stock from 3mm ~ 34mm in 0.5mm Increments also Slotted, Square, Offset & Many More
❚15+0183 – XDP 905 Performance Cutting, Punching, Tapping Spray – Improves Tool Life 5 Times



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