9171 Series 14mm – Square Profile Top Punch




9171 Series 14mm – Square Profile Top Punch

At Asset, we supply almost every size punch and die you are looking for. All popular sizes are available off the shelf including slotted, offset & square tooling.
We offer our quality tooling ex stock for delivery at the best prices.
Tooling also to suit Kingsland, Sunrise, Geka, Ficep and most other Metalworking Fabrication machinery can be supplied.

❚Series: 9171- Square Profile – Top Punch (6mm ~ 26mm)
❚Punch size: 14mm
❚Body size: 35mm OD Head x 31mm OD Body x 62mm Long
❚Packaged up ready for delivery
❚We offer all made brand tooling as well as slotted, square, offset & custom.
❚Image reflection of our quality pictures only – not actual punch hole size.
❚We offer our bottom dies in a variety of clearance to suit different material thicknesses
❚Product ordering code: 16+9171-14

Square Metal Punches To Meet All Size and Die Needs

Walk the factory floor and what anybody will notice are the machines and key equipment that effectively get the job done on a day-to-day basis. However, ask the service engineers or those who work the machines what they see and it could be expected that they will discuss the finer points and details of each machine. Read More

Appreciating a machine is one thing, understanding it is quite something else and so those who know what it takes to keep it running and at its most operationally effective understand the need for a high-quality square metal punch and countless other accessories as opposed to inferior alternatives.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are one of the leading stockists and suppliers of the very best of machine and equipment accessories in Australia. We have built a loyal customer base since we first started out in 1996 and to-date are proud of the reputation that we have earned both at home and in the international metalworking industry. We are based in Dandenong, Victoria, but we ship wherever the equipment and machines that we stock are required.

We have a huge range of spare parts and accessories to complement the fantastic ranges of machines that are readily available. If you need a square metal punch, rest assured that we have every size and die that you might need, and we can have this delivered to you swiftly and efficiently, so that your business experiences minimal disruption to its normal production standards.

How to Protect Your Machines from Unnecessary Damage

If you are someone that works on metalworking machines or equipment then you have a greater sense of exactly what causes wear and tear and recognise the need for effective observation and controls to limit the possibility of damage being sustained to any of your assets.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that our role as a stockist and supplier is greatly enhanced through our ability to provide service and repair to any customer that requires it. Our scheduled maintenance programs are well-regarded throughout the industry because they afford you the insight and expertise of our team of skilled and knowledgeable technicians.

You invested in each of the machines and pieces of equipment on your factory floor to get the most number of years you possibly could from them. Neglecting to keep up with maintenance is a sure-fire way to exhaust these assets faster than they possibly might be with proper care and attention. 

If you have doubts about a malfunctioning machine or if you are experiencing a problem that seems like it might not be very difficult to resolve, then give us a call and we just might have a solution that you can try out over the phone. However, for trickier issues, it’s worthwhile securing our assistance, particularly where machine breakdowns or preventative maintenance is concerned. 

square metal punch is a small accessory in the grand scheme of things, particularly when compared to the size and work that some of your equipment performs. However, in its absence, the whole machine cannot function at its best, or safest. 

Our products include:

So, whether you require several different accessories, or if you would like to speak with us about a problem that might need professional attention, browse the site, check out our Google reviews and trust that the team here at Asset Plant & Machinery has your best interests in mind.

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