SM-FHPB2504NC2. Panbrake Folder. Full Hydraulic. 2500mm x 4mm c/w e-Bend 2 Axis Programmable Control



sku 18-0124
folding length 2500 mm
maximum thickness 4 mm
maximum bending angle 135 deg
largest depth of box 145 mm
maximum lift of top beam 200 mm
motor power 3 / 415 kw/v
dimensions (l x w x h) 3050 x 1500 x 1550
weight (nt) 3450 kg


SM-FHPB2504NC2. Panbrake Folder. Full Hydraulic. 2500mm x 4mm with NC2 Programmable Angle Controller

Our Australian designed & engineered full hydraulic Panbrake wuill blow the competition away.
Working smarter, not harder with our eBend NC2 machine. Offering a smart eBend NC Touch Screen programmable angle setting for quick and accurate folding and also backgauge positioning.
This can be used both in the single “enter angle and fold” mode, or used in a multi sequence folding and backgauge operation – how easy is that?
Produced exclusively for Asset by Australian Engineers.

Structural & Operating Features
❚hydraulically operated bending and clamping beam for efficient heavy duty operation
❚high structural rigidity from heavy plate steel box construction with continuous welded seams
❚bending beam powered by dual hydraulic cylinders
❚fully integrated and enclosed electric / hydraulic system with large oil reservoir to maintain low oil temperature
❚high load capacity dual spherical plane bearings utilized at bending beam pivots and over-centre clamp bearings
❚precise electric / hydraulic controls with manual inching of bending beam
❚utilization of easy to set micro-switches provides accurate & infinitely adjustable angle control to the folding apron
❚comprehensive equipment protection from electric and hydraulic overload systems

Hydraulic System
❚high quality componentry ensures reliable performance for years of continuous operation
❚powerful direct coupled hydraulic pump and motor provides efficient, rapid operation
❚unique electric / hydraulic control ensures safe and simple operation

❚high bending angle of 0-135°
❚greatest depth of box bent 185 mm
❚powerful motor
❚200 mm of clamping beam
❚hydraulically operated bending and clamping beam for efficient heavy duty operation
❚24 volt control wiring
❚bending fingers made from hardened material, maximizing life

NC2 eBend Programmable Controller
❚offering programmable control controlling bending & backgauge sequence.
❚new rear brush table with ballscrew operated backgauge positioning
❚operation in manual, step program, automatic modes and repeat modes
❚eBend touch screen programmable setting operating in, manual, automatic and repeat modes
❚designed to control a 4 ram folder with up, down, clamp and release functionality

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚2500mm x 4.0mm bending mild steel capacity
❚2500mm x 2.0mm bending stainless capacity
❚0 ~ 135 bending range
❚eBend 2 x Axis touch screen programmable controller
❚backgauge travel length – 900mm. Position A & B
❚optional backgauge travel length to 1200mm available on request. Position A, B & C
❚shipping dimensions – 3050mm x 1500mm x 1650mm
❚power – 415V 5.5Kw
❚approx weight: 3550kg

NOTE: This video is of a larger machine, however the model is the same and will have the same features.


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