SM-HBS270N. Bandsaw 415Volt Mitre Cut. 245mm X 180mm Capacity, Front Control Panel

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sku 15-0395
cutting capacities ø (w x h x t)
90° 230 mm
60° 100 mm
45° 160 mm
90° 180 mm x 180 mm
60° 100 mm x 100 mm
45° 160 mm
90° 245 mm x 180 mm
60° 100 mm x 100 mm
45° 160 mm x 160 mm
■● 90° 225 mm
beam return spring type
blade size (l x w x t) 2480 mm x 27 mm x 0.9 mm
speed range 64 m/min
table working height 940 mm
motor power 1.5 / 240 kw/V
dimensions (l x w x h) 1400 mm x 620 mm x 1450 mm
weight (nt) 225 kg


This saw is built for accuracy and production! Easy angle set-ups between 0 and 60 degrees means no wasted time between cuts. Lever controlled blade guide locks allow adjustments right up to the work piece for optimum support and the blade guides have fully adjustable ball bearings so you know you’re going to get straight cuts. And when you’re done, use the quick release lever and stock length stop to get on with the next cut. It’s fast and simple to use! We have included other features including carbide blade guides, blade pressure gauge, hydraulic down feed, trigger switch operation, to set this aside from other base machines.

❚Quality Taiwanese Build Quality
❚variable hydraulic down feed system for the automatic continuous lowering of the saw frame
❚mitre cutting to 60˚
❚new operated friendly front control panel
❚deadman trigger switch
❚blade tension gauge
❚quick release vice
❚easy mitre adjustment
❚electronic coolant system
❚quality hydraulics
❚hydraulic variable down-feed control
❚carbide blade guides
❚complete with stand
❚CE compliant

Technical Data
❚230mm round capacity
❚245mm x 180mm rectangular capacity.
❚mitre cutting range – 0 ~ 60 degrees
❚speed range – 45 & 90 m/min
❚blade size: 2480mm x 27mm x 0.9mm
❚dimensions: 1400mm x 620mm x 1450mm
❚freight dimensions: 1400mm x 590mm x 890mm
❚weight: 225Kg
❚power: 1.5Kw 415V

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