SM-HS12. Hand Shear. Steelmaster 300mm Throat Manual Type


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sku 17-0105
throat 300 mm
steel plate 6 mm
flat bar 70 mm x 6 mm
round rod 13 mm
weight (nt) 34 kg

9 in stock



SM-HS12. Hand Shear. Steelmaster 205mm Throat Manual Type

These excellent quality shears will slice through sheet metal, cut rebar and round stock too. Features ground and hardened knives with an extended length handle for maximum leverage. Mounts directly to your workbench.
❚heavy duty steel fabricated
❚easy cutting across the entire length with minimal strength required
❚best for cutting metal plate, rod steel and flat steel applications
❚durable steel frame cutter includes hardened hss steel blades.
❚bolt to bench or table top. blade is easily replaceable.
❚replaceable hss blades available for all models. Call through and we will assist
❚CE compliantTechnical Snap Shot
❚Throat – 300mm
❚Cutting capacity flat – 6mm (Mild Steel)
❚Cutting capacity rod – 13mm (Mild Steel)
❚weight – 34Kg
❚Shipping dimensions 600mm x 550mm x 175mm – Plus handle

Manual Shear Suppliers in Australia

Anyone who determines that they need new machines or equipment for their factory floor immediately opens up the possibility of learning more about what is possible for their business. You may be in the market for a manual shear but through the process of identifying stockists and speaking with industry experts, you could find out about many more ways that your current processes and practices could be improved through the acquisition of new products that create efficiencies in workplaces throughout Australia. Read More

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we operate a customer-centric business that is geared toward creating the most value for each repeat or new customer that steps through our doors or engages with us over the phone or online. We’ve been moving with the times since we opened the doors to our business all the way back in 1996 and have seen a great deal of change and technological innovation. As such, we have amassed a considerable depth of knowledge with regards to a comprehensive range of machines.

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In many cases, our clients have issues with out-dated equipment or machinery that is malfunctioning. Our repairs and service capabilities mean that we have seen a lot of issues over the years, and this can empower us to help you bolster the effectiveness of your current assets if you feel that this is a path worth pursuing.

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Contact Asset Plant & Machinery today whether you need a manual shear or anything else to make your metalwork business more effective.

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Additional information

Weight 26 kg
Dimensions 74 × 18 × 44 cm


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