SM-KPB63CNC2. Mandrel Tube Bender. 63mm Capacity. Steelmaster 2 Dimensional CNC Model




SM-KPB63CNC2. Mandrel Tube Bender. 63mm Capacity. Steelmaster 2 Dimensional CNC Model

When looking for a quality mandrel tube & pipe bender, look no further than Steelmaster Industrial. Steelmaster Industrial’s mandrel tube & pipe bending machines offer the fabricator a very high quality machine with superb features and tight tolerances at reasonable prices. Steelmaster offers over 30 models of mandrel tube & pipe bending machines with a selection on display and others available for prompt quick shipments. Our mandrel bender capacities range from 18mm ~ 325mm in diameter. Steelmaster Industrial’s ever growing line of mandrel tube & pipe bending machines consists of simple NC programmable models, 2D CNC2 Models & 3D CNC3 models along with a large range of tooling & accessories. Depending on your needs we have the machine for you, starting with our cost effective NC programmable models.

Model: CNC2
2 Dimensional CNC Control with Siemens CNC operating system, however the length measurement is set manually. Accurate and clear linear length stop precision guides are fitted along with cross slide adjustment.
We offer both Siemens Servo Drive Control on the rotation and also bending however on the larger models hydraulic operation on the angle bending offers more power – Servo bending on the smaller models is preferred for faster operation.
Model: CNC3
Same as our CNC2 but has Siemens servo length controller added. As mentioned, we can offer longer machine lengths due to longer material requirements.

We suggest up to 28mm capacity machines operate bending via servo due to speed.
Steelmaster offer our Mandrel Tube & Pipe Benders up to 325mm capacity.
Tooling is designed as per customer requirements and we offer the following mandrel designs
1. Simple straight shank
2. Two directional shank
3. Full rotational / flexible

Technical Features
❚Model: SM-KPB63CNC2
❚2 Dimensional Siemens CNC Controller.
❚CNC Rotation & Angle Bending. Manual Feed.
❚Bending Capacity: 63mm x 3mm OD x Wall Thickness (Mild Steel)
❚Bending Radius Range: 20mm ~ 200mm
❚Bending Angle Range: 0 ~ 190 Degrees.
❚Effective Mandrel Length: 2800mm (Longer On Request)
❚Motor capacity: 7.5Kw – 415Volt
❚Machine Dimensions: 4900mm x 1050mm x 1500mm (with standard feed length)
❚Machine Weight: 1500Kg (Based on 2800mm feeding length)
❚One Full Set Tooling Supplied With Each Machine

Optional Items
❚Mandrel tool lubrication system: $2500+GST


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