SM-MCR2512. Plate / Curving Rollers. 2500mm x 12mm Capacity. Steelmaster Motorised Operation



sku 23-0212
mild steel capacity 12 mm
rolling length 2550 mm
top roll diameter Ø 240 mm
bottom roll diameter Ø 220 mm
motor power 7.5 / 415 kw/V
dimensions (l x w x h) 4300 mm x 1300 mm x 1600 mm
weight (nt) 5300 kg


SM-MCR3108. Plate / Curving Rollers. 3100mm x 8mm Capacity. Steelmaster Motorised Operation

These rollers offer great value all round, not to mention the additional section rollers on the end.
Fitted also is the surround saftey trip wire enabling power cut off with your legs – simply lean on wire.
With a 2500mm x 12.0mm capacity, add on the extension stub rollers at the end – this is a winner.

❚ heavy duty welded frame construction
❚ bottom rolls powered by gearbox and gear system
❚ power up & down top roll for curving adjustment
❚ tilt and support bearings for top roller
❚ digital readout display for top roller position
❚ precision ground rolls
❚ pendent control operation with forward and reverse on the foot pedal
❚ stub extensions standard, offering basic section rolling operation
❚ safety interlocks and emergency shut-off device surrounding roll operation area
❚ swing out end enables complete cylinders to be removed

❚ pipe profile and standard section rollers

Technical Data
❚ capacity – 2550mm x 12.0mm mild steel
❚ top roller diameter – 240mm
❚ 7.5kw – 415 volt
❚ dimensions – 4300mm x 1300mm x 1600mm
❚ weight – 5250kg


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