SM-PB135/3200NC-S. ABSOLUTE. Hydraulic Pressbrake. 3200mm x 135Ton. 2 Axis NC Estun E21 Control

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Sku 19-0110S
Capacity 135 ton
Working table length 3200 mm
Distance between columns 2900 mm
Throat depth 425 mm
Back gauge travel 600 mm
Stroke of ram 150 mm
Number of strokes 8 spm
Open height (max) 420 mm
Motor power 7.5 / 415 kw/V
dimensions (l x w x h) 3580 x 1850 x 2690 mm
weight (nt) 9200 kg


Product details of SM-PB135/3200NC-S

Our new “S” Series Steelmaster Pressbrake now offers purchases a new machine, with all modern
day features at a price that you would expect to pay for a used machine.
Etsun 2 x axis E21+ NC programmable controller is standard. Deep side throats, large frame widths,
this list goes on!
Offering all the features, new machine warranty, at the right price in this challenging market!

❚ hydraulic synchronised positive stop design, electronically controlled by Estun NC programmable controller assuring accurate repeatability and ease of use.
❚ deep side throats and wider distances between the vertical frames offering you more application scope.
❚ segmented heavy duty 86° offset top tool, segmented for return bend clearance.
❚ full length Multi Vee bottom block with a smart selection of openings also including safety edge vee (‘V’) for over bending.
❚ power operated back gauge with quality support fingers also with vertical adjustment
❚ front sheet supports enabling a wide range of material sizes to be aligned and supported at the correct required height.
❚ conveniently mounted control box on pendant for quick swivel and adjustments.
❚ integrated hydraulic system allowing rapid approach switching automatically to slow bend.
❚ modern designed pendant foot pedal operation with stainless braided cable.
❚ variable hydraulic pressure control valving fitted standard
❚ safety and material selection bending charts mounted on front beam for easy access.
❚ supplied pre commissioned prior to delivery
❚ pre commissioned prior to delivery
❚ CE compliant

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚ 2 x Axis Etsun E21+NC Controller for Depth & Back Gauge
❚ 135 Ton Bending Capacity
❚ 3200mm Bending Length
❚ 2900mm Distance Between Frames
❚ 425mm Side Throat Depth
❚ 150mm Ram Stroke
❚ 420mm Open Height
❚ 600mm Back Gauge Travel
❚ 7.5Kw / 415V Motor Power
❚ 3580mm x 1850mm x 2690mm Footprint
❚ 9200Kg Weight

Front Laser Safety Guards
❚Laser Guards to be added for OH&S requirements at additional cost


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