SM–PS 70,90 & 120 Punch & Shear Item No 7 C spanner D = 90 -95 For Punch Retaining Nut

Back up parts & support is a vital key to purchasing any plant & equipment. We understand that sometimes you need the support and spare parts that keep your metalworking drill, mill, lathe, benders, guillotines, bandsaws and more working for years to come. That’s why we stock spare parts for most of our products and have a large team of service technicians to provide support. We ensure there are spare parts available when you need them. So not only do we provide the best value for money for your initial industrial purchase but we give you peace of mind for years after you purchase your metalworking machinery. Just another reason why Steelmaster Industrial is Australia’s leading online retailer of Industrial Metalworking Machinery products in store and online.

Technical Data
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Markings on D = 90 -95 Hook Shape Wrench = 85 -105 Hook Shape Wrench as supplied by Supplier .

( Different Markings on Wrenches )

Buy Your Ironworker Punch from Australia’s Specialists

Have you ever bought a piece of equipment or a machine with the understanding that it would last a lifetime, or at least deliver exceptional quality for some years, only to learn sometime later that replacement parts and accessories are no longer available? The truth of the matter is that anyone who buys under the impression that parts will be available much further down the line is often disappointed by a lack of resolve to follow through by the original stockists. Read More

At Asset Plant & Machinery, whether you need an ironworker punch, a press brake, section & pipe rolling or any other piece of equipment or machinery that affords you the chance to push forward with your metalworking business, you can depend on us to deliver. We are the specialist stockists that thousands of companies, just like yours, turn to every day of the week when a machine breaks down or their equipment is at the end of its days and needs to be replaced.

Based in Dandenong, Victoria, we strive to achieve more for our customers, because we understand just how essential it is to have all areas of your factory floor working at their optimum all year round. For thirty-three years, we have gained the respect of our customers through tireless sourcing of the very best products, chiefly manufactured by Steelmaster, combined with after-sales and exceptional service that is unrivalled in the industry.

The Importance of Acquiring Accessories from Trusted Stockists

Anyone responsible for acquiring assets for business will appreciate the fine balancing act that takes place so that when you strike a deal, you achieve a result that fits within your budget and results in you taking ownership of a machine that will offer longevity and exceptional results for your business into the future.

However, you will also acknowledge the fact that acquiring a major item is often a task that is much more enjoyable and straight forward compared to that of finding replacement parts or accessories to enhance its effectiveness. Looking for the ironworker punch that will withstand the use and environment that it will be exposed to can often lead you down many different paths and to the doors of stockists that are less than reputable.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that any customer should have the benefit of confidence in their purchases, regardless of whether they cost them thousands or hundreds of dollars. Taking the time to identify that the retailer that you have chosen has a sterling reputation is essential before you buy. We appreciate that there are plenty of online stores that advertise incredible prices, but unless they have long-standing relationships with the manufacturers, how can you really be sure they are genuine?

We have engaged plenty of customers who received products in the past that looked good but ultimately were proven to be pale imitations of the real thing. As such, we encourage anyone that questions our amazing prices to get in touch. We can pass the savings we make along to our customers, given our success over the years, but we are always happy to speak with customers and assure them of the quality of the goods that we stock and ship.

Our products include:

So, if you want to buy an ironworker punch and don’t want to have to worry about whether it will live up to your expectations, remove all doubt by getting in touch with us here at Asset Plant & Machinery, or simply adding it to your shopping cart online.

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