Universal Dividing Head. 132mm Centre Height, 3MT. 40:1 Ratio.



Model Number: 13+0186



Universal Dividing Head. 132 mm Centre Height, 3 MT. 40:1 Ratio

These high quality dividing heads are made with demanding care for precision gear-cutting,Dividing Head is a tool that is used to divide a circle into equal spacers. The most common use is in the accurate manufacture of splines, gears and key-ways that are required to be at a specific angle to each other sharpening milling cutters, reamers, etc.

Dividing heads come complete with 3 dividing plates, 1 tail-stock, 1 chuck back plate, 1 centre-dog and 1 centre. Ratio: 40:1 Weight approx 45Kg


❚ Overall Width: 236 mm
❚ Overall height: 236 mm
❚ Centre (head only): 132 mm
❚ Base size: 213 mm x 134 mm
❚ Weight: 45 kg
❚ Taper: MT 3

❚ Suitable for gear cutting, sharpening of milling cutters, reamers and more.

❚ Phosphorous bronze worm gear.

❚ It is suitable for direct and indirect indexing

❚ Designed to carry out all types of gear cutting, precision dividing

❚  Worm is hardened and ground with ratio between worm and worm wheel 40:1

❚  The head can be swiveled from 10º below horizontal to 90º vertical

❚ Disengage able for direct division.

❚ Every division from 2 ~ 50 and divisions up to 380

Accessories Included:

❚ 12 x gears with mounting system for helical cutting

❚ Dividing plates

❚ Tail-stock

❚ Dead centre

❚ Dividing head

❚ Product ordering code: 13+0186

Additional information

Weight 60 kg
Dimensions 50 × 57 × 37 cm


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