Dardi Cruiser Shifting Sensor Assy ( )Magent Switch & sensor base



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Dardi Cruiser Shifting Sensor Assy ( )Magent Switch & sensor base

Back up parts & support is a vital key to purchasing any plant & equipment. We understand that sometimes you need the support and spare parts that keep your metalworking drill, mill, lathe, benders, guillotines, bandsaws and more working for years to come. That’s why we stock spare parts for most of our products and have a large team of service technicians to provide support. We ensure there are spare parts available when you need them. So not only do we provide the best value for money for your initial industrial purchase but we give you peace of mind for years after you purchase your metalworking machinery. Just another reason why Steelmaster Industrial is Australia’s leading online retailer of Industrial Metalworking Machinery products in store and online.

Technical Data
Magnetic bodyand Spring

7mm wide small end
59 mm long
13 mm wide large end


39 mm long
12 mm wide
9 coils


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