Easson Digital Readout – Scale & Cable Kit – 1000mm Travel

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Easson Digital Readout – Scale & Cable Kit – 1000mm Travel

Easson scale travel and cable kit to suit Easson DRO.
Easson’s technology provides robust, accurate measurements that are second-to-none in the industry. Get the most out of your mill or lathe with a Easson DRO!

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚ Scale travel capacity and cable to suit Easson DRO supplied only.
❚ we offer these quality EASSON digital readouts & accessories for immediate delivery to you
❚ these feature packed readouts include selectable resolution, absolute/ incremental coordinate display, arc function, angle cuts function, 199 user defined dating points, centring/ cutter offset, metric/imperial display, calculator with trig functions (mm only) and linear error compensation
❚ all scales are fitted with reference point to ensure accuracy and repeatability, even when the machine has been turned off
❚ without a doubt our DROs are the best combination of price & quality in the market
❚ next day delivery can be arranged

Technical snap shot
❚ 1000mm travel measurement
❚ product ordering code: 50+0423

Additional information

Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 120 × 10 × 10 cm


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