Guillotine Machine Brakes

Equipment You Can’t Do Without

If you run a sheet metal workshop, a panbrake folder and guillotine is an essential piece of equipment. It’s also fairly indispensable in similar operations, such as the manufacture of box trailers or aircraft, and even in trades such as plumbing. Read More

In short, it’s extremely useful anywhere where there’s a need to bend and cut sheet metal of various types, thicknesses and lengths. As it’s designed and manufactured specifically for these types of operations, it’s much quicker in use and more effective than trying to use less suitable tools. Unless you need to bend and cut metal only rarely, it’s an invaluable investment that will enhance your business capability.

Panbrake Folders and Guillotines With Features to Match Your Needs

Panbrake folders are available in a variety of sizes with different capabilities and features. These features do not necessarily include a guillotine, which can be purchased as a separate item. However, if you regularly need to bend and cut a piece of metal, it’s much more efficient and cost-effective to do it with a single process rather than having to transfer between separate machines.

The process itself is quite straightforward:

  • setting up the machine to specify required inputs and outputs
  • placing the sheet material in opposition on the flat bed
  • bringing down a clamping bar to hold the material firmly in place and prevent movement
  • lifting the hinged bed of the machine so that the material is bent to the required angle against a straight edge
  • cutting the material to the required size, either before or after bending, so that it can then be soldered, riveted or fixed in some other way.

There are, however, many variations that determine what a machine can do. A simple bar folder is a small device capable of limited bend operations while a box and pan brake is more complex and generally the clamping bar has removable blocks that can be repositioned to allow bending of restricted areas of the metal.

Our products include:

  • And much more…

Getting the Best Machine for You

Whether you need a standalone panbrake folder or one with a guillotine attachment, at Asset Plant & Machinery we can help you get the one that’s best for you. We supply a wide range of equipment from reputable manufacturers and provide a comprehensive warranty and full support for every one. That support starts with your initial enquiry and goes right through to the machine’s end of life.

We will ensure that life is as long as it can be by providing spares, consumables and full servicing. Our aim is to have customers who are completely happy with the machines we provide and the overall level of service. Our success in that aim is demonstrated by the high number of referrals, recommendations and repeat business that we enjoy.

Our intention has never been to supply a machine and then move on to the next customer. Rather, we foster an ongoing relationship that keeps customers coming back. Get in touch with us and we’re sure you will too.

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