Electro Hydraulic Guillotines & Shears

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we stock a huge range of industrial quality cutting machines and guillotines from industry-leading brand Steelmaster Industrial. Our selection includes Electro Hydraulic Guillotines and Shears that provide precision, speed and accuracy across a variety of sheet metals, wood and more.

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What is an Electro Hydraulic Guillotine?

Electro Hydraulic Guillotines operate by using a hydraulic system. This system works by pumping hydraulic fluid to power the machine, creating pressure that drives the cutting mechanism.

An Electro Hydraulic Guillotine offers a range of technological and economic benefits, including:

  • High performance: Due to the hydraulic pressure, the guillotine can withstand high impact force.
  • Uniform distribution of pressure across the entire cut length, resulting in precise, even cuts.
  • Burr-free cutting with quick action blades.
  • No gears or clutches, resulting in quieter operation and increased automation.

Things to Consider When Buying an Electro Hydraulic Guillotine

There are so many different types of cutting machines and guillotines on the market, and it can be hard determining which one is best suited to meet your needs. When shopping for an Electro Hydraulic Guillotine, it’s important to consider the following:

  • The thickness of your material. Many Electro Hydraulic Guillotines have a capacity thickness of up to 4mm, which is more than double the 1.6mm capacity of other machines such as Pneumatic Guillotines. This makes Electro Hydraulic Guillotines suitable for most industrial, large-scale projects.
  • The type of material you’ll be cutting. Electro Hydraulic Guillotines are at the top-end of cutting machines. They can precisely cut through a range of heavy duty materials including metal, steel, iron and copper. 
  • The length of your sheet. Electro Hydraulic Guillotine machines vary in size, with some machines able to cut metal sheets up to 3000mm long.
  • Your budget. Electro Hydraulic Guillotines are top quality and can support a huge range of materials and sizes. If you’re looking for a cutting machine for smaller projects, we have a range of Manual Treadle Guillotines available.

Are you looking for greater capacity, greater strength and more features? We also offer a huge range of Electro Hydraulic Swing Beam Guillotines. If you’re unsure which machine is right for you, talk to our expert team today.

Buy Electro Hydraulic Guillotines in Australia

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Our extensive product range includes:

We want to make sure that your new Pneumatic Guillotine is right for you. Visit us in Dandenong, Victoria or contact our expert team today to find out how we can help you.