1500mm x 3000mm Gantry Type Fibre Optic Laser

IPG German Power Source, CypCut CNC, 19” LCD Display, Raytools AG Cutting Head.

Machine Description

Our STEELMASTER ADH FCM Series 3015 Fibre Laser Cutting system, equipped with Raytools Cutting Head. All construction sub units including fibre laser resonators, CNC controls, software, handling equipment and so on are supplied by world class manufacturers. We offer an all offer competitive price, delivered to your works and onsite set up & training – backed by local technical support.

The principal characteristics of the STEELMASTER ADH FCM Series 3015 Fibre Laser are:

• Compact design facilitating a wide variety of applications

• CNC with laser control function

• Resonator with reflective sensors.

• Highly dynamic equipment

• Incredibly fast & flexible, the ADH FCM Fibre Laser cutting system is the ideal partner for ultra-high-speed cutting. Our FCM Model has the ability to cut a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals while maintaining low operational costs.

• User friendly CypCut CAS/CAM CNC Control Unit

• Unique Features

o Maximum simultaneous positioning speed: 100m/min

o Acceleration speed 1G/ 9.8ms

o Precision +/- 0.02mm

o IPG Resonator.

• Advanced RAYTOOLS cutting head (with air cross blast)

• Auto nesting output function

• Auto time and unit cost calculation function

• No network connection



• Model: FCM3015 / 1500w

• Cutting Area 1500mm x 3000mm

• CNC Control Unit CypCut CNC Control

• Laser Head RAYTOOLS ( Swiss)

• Fibre Laser IPG (German)

• Servo Drives Yaskawa (Japan)

• Reduction Gear Drives Delta (Taiwan)

• Linear Guide Hiwin (Taiwan)

• Pneumatics SMC (Japan)

• Rapid Traverse (X&Y) 100m/min

• Acceleration 1G

• Positioning Accuracy +- 0.03mm

• Repeatability +- 0.02mm

• Drawing Program Mode DWG, DXF format import directly

• Total Power 12Kw 60AMPS

• Max. Table Load 900Kg

• Dimensions 4420mm x 2213mm x 1800mm – 3500kgs



Material Max Thickness Cutting Speed

• Carbon Steel 14mm. 0.6 ~ 0.7m/min

• Stainless Steel 6mm. 0.6 ~ 0.8m/min

• Aluminium 4mm. 1.4 ~ 1.6m/min

• Copper 4mm. 0.5 ~ 1.0m/min



• Our FCM Fibre Laser is controlled with a Cypcut CNC Control unit.

• Web based interface Windows XP for easy use.

• Easy data entry using ADH interface. The operator can easily and quickly edit and modify the cut quality for varying materials

• Look ahead function

• 40GB program memory

• Ethernet connection

• 19” LCD flat screen

• G Code programming language

• Advance corner applications with power modulation provides perfect corners



• Program can be completely created off-line using CAD/CAM system Metalix or Lantek

• Can be directly drawn or directly imported from other CAD Systems in DXF, DWG

• Full auto cutting (Any CAD drawing can be imported to create NC codeswhich are loaded to the controller via network or memory stick)

• Full auto nesting allowing optimisation of material

• Sprint Cut – chooses the shortest path of head from one to another contour

• Fast Head Path Anti-collision protection

• Real font styles are supported to cut or mark

• Pre-Piercing finishes all piercing prior to contours.



• RAYTOOLS AG Laser Cutting Head with builtin amplifier

• QCS Connector with absolute high cut quality

o Manual focus adjustment

o Auto focus adjustment through “Z-collimator module”

o Auto adjustment of the focus and depth of the laser beam by “MZ-collimator module”



• Screw Compressor

• Fume Extraction Units

• Decoiler, Straightening & Feeder


What You Need to Supply:

Power Supply:


❚Stability of 3-phase Voltage +-5%


Compressed Air:

❚Volume: 1m3/min.

❚Pressure: 7kg/cm

❚Dew point less than 5 Degrees C.

❚Air to be filtered.



❚Notebook or Desktop PC for programming use.



❚12 Months