We have an excellent selection of high quality Hydraulic Pressbrake, NC Pressbrake and CNC Pressbrake with different Pressbrake Accessories. We can tailor for the handy man right up to the high output manufacturer.

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Press Brakes for Sale in Australia

Technology has had a huge impact on the metalworking industry. While skill and knowledge are still required to competently turn out the very best products and supplies, technology has afforded those who need absolute precision to achieve it reliably time and time again. 

The press brakes for sale in Australia today come in a variety of different models, each one with its own list of features and benefits that will achieve the needs of its operators and are designed to meet the requirements and demands of the industry and production facilities that they are acquired to enhance.

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are the go-to supplier for those in the metalworking industry and we have been since we made our presence known for the first time back in 1996. We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand and we are also open to those across the world. Our extensive suite of products offers the very best value for money proposition that you will find and, if you suddenly find yourself down a machine and desperately need a replacement, rest assured that we have excellent financing plans ready to deploy.

When you need a press brake machine there is little point in securing a model that does not come with a sterling reputation. As such, those who choose us as their supplier can expect to find the very best and latest model pressbrake solutions on the market.

What if You’re Unsure About the Quality of Your Machinery?

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that our industry is one that thrives only when the equipment and machinery that is working for us is at its peak performance. The moment that something goes wrong can create issues in your production line and this inevitably can lead to financial losses, or prompt you to search for a replacement sheet metal press brake for sale

While you may not have had any issues with your machines for some time, unless you take preventative measures you risk being caught off-guard when it least suits. The solution to this is to get in touch with our team and enquire about the preventative maintenance scheduling service that we provide. Having trained, knowledgeable experts’ assessing the quality and health of your machines and equipment is an invaluable asset and a service that will afford you peace of mind.

Before you go looking for a press brake for sale in Australia, why not ask us to perform a detailed survey of your entire work floor? We appreciate that this may seem like an imposition that could lead to disruption to normal service, but rest assured that the majority of our assessments will take place without anybody’s day being affected negatively. 

Any issues that are identified can be addressed as quickly as possible, which could spare you a much lengthier amount of time lost should the machine breakdown permanently further down the road.

Our products include:

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we also stock the Steelmaster press brake, which sets the bar in terms of quality in the metalworking industry. However, we believe in the right product for the customer, and we strive to work with you to achieve the best possible fit that meets your needs. Backed by our superior customer support and after-sales service, your investment is one that is guaranteed to reap many rewards for years to come.

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