A press brake is an indispensable bit of sheet metal fabrication equipment. A machine pressing tool designed to produce linear bends in plate materials like sheet metal, it’s easy to find yourself underestimating just how much you can get done with what tends to sound like a pretty simple bit of kit.

But the majority of our customers don’t need to be told that. In fact, they’ve usually come to us because they’ve worked out why they’re in search of one. It’s more that there are so many variations and options to consider, that the real question is about finding the press brake solution that will best suit your needs.
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At Asset Plant & Machinery, we sell a complete range of press brakes. Further, we can help you decipher what you need and which of our sheet metal working solutions is best suited to your purposes. Whether you’re seeking to use your press brake to fabricate household products, or you’re working to produce automotive and aeronautical parts, you can call us for the equipment you need. Anything from large scale hydraulic press brakes, NC press brakes and CNC press brakes through to smaller workshop solutions.Feel free to contact us at 1800 503 934 or fill out a contact form.

Proven Methods – Advanced Applications

With Asset Plant & Machinery, you’ll find a broad variety of different types of sheet metal press brakes. Each with its own attributes and strengths. We stock everything from precision driven manual press brakes through to heavy-duty hydraulic press brakes that are powerful enough to become the mainstay of even the busiest metal working operations.

Press Brakes for Sale in Australia

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we are the go-to supplier for those in the metalworking industry and we have been since 1996.

We ship throughout Australia and New Zealand and we are also open to those across the world. Our extensive suite of products offers the very best value for money proposition that you will find and, if you suddenly find yourself down a machine and desperately need a replacement, rest assured that we offer the best prices in the metalworking machine industry and have excellent financing plans ready to deploy.

When you need a press brake machine there is little point in securing a model that does not come with a sterling reputation. As such, those who choose us as their supplier can expect to find the very best and latest model press brake solutions on the market. It’s the Asset Plant & Machinery way, and you’ll see it here, and on throughout our ranges of pan brake folders, guillotines and plasma table cutters.

Looking for the best heavy duty metalworking machinery?

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we believe that our industry is one that thrives only when the equipment and machinery that is working for us is at its peak performance. The moment that something goes wrong can create issues in your production line and this inevitably can lead to financial losses, or prompt you to search for a replacement sheet metal press brake for sale.

While you may not have had any issues with your machines for some time, unless you take preventative measures you risk being caught off-guard when it least suits. The solution to this is to get in touch with our team and enquire about the preventative maintenance scheduling service that we provide. Having trained, knowledgeable experts’ assessing the quality and health of your machines and equipment is an invaluable asset and a service that will afford you peace of mind.

Before you go looking for a press brake for sale in Australia, why not ask us to perform a detailed survey of your entire work floor? We appreciate that this may seem like an imposition that could lead to disruption to normal service, but rest assured that the majority of our assessments will take place without anybody’s day being affected negatively.

Any issues that are identified can be addressed as quickly as possible, which could spare you a much lengthier amount of time lost should the machine breakdown permanently further down the road.

Our products include:

At Asset Plant & Machinery, we also stock the Steelmaster press brake, which sets the bar in terms of quality in the metalworking industry. However, we believe in the right product for the customer, and we strive to work with you to achieve the best possible fit that meets your needs. Backed by our superior customer support and after-sales service, your investment is one that is guaranteed to reap many rewards for years to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

Press brakes are a fairly specialised piece of equipment to be adding to the arsenal. Much like any of the sheet metal fabrication equipment that we sell. So, there are a few questions that we tend to see crop up. Take a look below to see if any questions you have are answered here.

Which press brake should I buy?

Your choice of press brake will need to be informed by your application requirements, the materials you plan to work with, and the space you have to accommodate a press brake machine. The team at Asset Plant & Machinery can assist you in developing a clearer idea of which press brake is best suited to your needs.

How is press brake tonnage calculated?

To calculate press brake tonnage, you need to account for some key factors. The V-opening width of the bottom die, the length of the bend, and the material you’re seeking to bend – they will all inform the amount of work you’re putting through your press brake. There are a range of tools available for free online that can assist you in calculating the press brake tonnage you require. And our team can assist you in ensuring that the equipment you buy is up to the task.

How much does a press brake cost?

Press brakes come in a range of shapes, sizes, tolerances and tooling. Every one of these considerations will shape the cost of the press brake you buy. But with Asset Plant & Machinery, the range of press brakes that we sell spans from $23,850 through to $97,850. Carefully selected to cover the full spectrum of industrial sheet metal working needs, you’ll be sure to find a solution that works for your business with us.
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