CNC Plasma Cutter – STEELMASTER BLAZE – 1500mm x 3000mm Table, Fastcam CNC Software System,

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CNC Plasma Cutter – STEELMASTER BLAZE – 1000mm x 1000mm Table, Fastcam CNC Software System,

This Industrial designed Gantry Type CNC Plasma Combo ticks all the boxes.
Attractive price, Industrial build design, Fastcam CNC operating system, backed up with second to none service.
Simply select your Plasma Power Source to be added and away you go!
Industrial build quality offering you the advantage to easily pack up and relocate.
The New BLAZE CNC Plasma Cutter – Your smart choice in CNC Plasma Cutting.Features
❚ Industrial Build 1500mm x 3000mm cutting table
❚ THC torch height control fitted
❚ superior cut speed, quality and stability
❚ optimum track speed. even for fine contours and tight radii
❚ Huge LCD display
❚ Fast Cam (Plate) module supplied standard
❚ high quality CNC controller options offering options, accepting G & M codes.
❚ Plasma Power Source, Lead & Torch need to be added to suit customers cutting requirements.Technical Data
❚ cutting area – 1500mm x 3000mm
❚ Z travel – 100mm
❚ MAX cutting speed – 6,000mm / min
❚ accuracy – 0.2mm
❚ plasma torch diameter – 35mm
❚ work mode of plasma – non contact ignition
❚ effective cutting area – 1500mm x 3000mm
❚ machine footprint – 2400mm x 3500mm
❚ full table 10mm / thicker material in smaller sections is suitable
❚ crate dimensions – 3600mm x 800mm x 850mm (H) x 450Kg
❚ power source – 240volt
❚ 12 month warrantySuggested Power Sources
❚ Hypertherm PMX45~105 based on your cutting requirements
❚ Click here to refer to Cutting Speeds & Charts – Software
❚ Fastcam (Plate)
❚ Save drawings to USB
❚ All popular DXF and DWG files supportedWebpage: Control
❚ Huge LCD colour display
❚ USB input
❚ Mobile console
❚ Template library for quick and easy cutting of standard shapes and angles
❚ Real-time cutting pathServices required to be provided by customer
❚ electrical connection.
❚ compressed air.
❚ fume extraction provisions.
❚ Asset can offer you the above additional items on request.

We guarantee the best service & technical advice

Recommended Add On Accessories
❚25-0258 – Air Dryer – Power System – Model: PSD-5N, 20 cfm, 16 Bar 2~3 Degree Dew Point, – 240V
❚25+0258 – Filtration – HYPERTHERM – Model: 128647 Micron Eliminizer Filter To Be Fitted To The PMX
❚25+0259 – Filtration – Power System – Model: PSF12F, Purity – 0.01 Micron, 54CFM Volume, Auto Drain.
❚21+0805 – CLEARMASTER SM-DR-3000 Laser / Plasma Fume Extraction System, 3000m/Hr. Anti-Spark Arrestor – Up to 1500mm x 3000mm Table
❚21+0806 – CLEARMASTER SM-PA-6000CT Laser / Plasma Fume Extraction System, 6000m/Hr. Anti-Spark Arrestor Up to 2000mm x 4000mm Table
❚25-0259 – Power System Model NB7/270 – 35 CFM Piston Compressor. 7.5 H.P- 415 v
❚25-0220 – AIRMASTER Rotary Screw Air Compressor & Air Dryer. Model: 11MK2, 58 cfm Capacity, 116 psi.
❚50+0200 – Digital Thickness Gauge – 0mm ~ 15mm
❚50+0112 – Digital LCD Vernier Calliper – 150mm Length.
❚Full Range of Consumables Available In Store or Online
❚Water Table Model Also Available ON Request


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