Immersion Coolant Pump. 178mm Leg Length – 415Volt 90W PCD 128 mm






Our immersion models are dependable, economical replacements for pumps commonly supplied as original equipment on foreign manufactured machine tools. No bearings, seals or packing are immersed in liquid, making them ideal for pumping liquids containing fine contaminants. Made with cast iron pump body and volute, carbon steel shaft and plastic impeller. Max flow, threaded horizontal discharge above integral mounting flange.

Replacement coolant pump to suit most metal cutting machines. Great for efficient cutting, reduced tool wear and better finishes.
Models available in both 240V & 415V.

❚ 178mm Leg Length
❚ 415V x 90 Watt

Technical Data
❚ Submerge Depth 168mm
❚ 128mm Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD)
❚ Shipping Size – 316mm x 160 x 160mm
❚ Weight – 5.5Kg


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