At Asset Plant & Machinery, we pride ourselves on being the team to turn to when it comes time to invest in the equipment your business can rely on. Key to our range of sheet metal fabrication equipment are the sheet metal cutting guillotines you’ll see listed below.

We’ve sought to give businesses like yours access to all the equipment they need. And we’ve brought together a collection of guillotines and sheet metal cutting equipment that covers everything from hand shears, treadle, electro, swing beam and variable rake guillotines.

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Metal Cutting Guillotines for Sale

Any decent metalworking company will appreciate just how important it is to find a supplier that can provide them with access to leading brands at fair prices. Acquiring a decent metalworking machine entails outlying for some costs. However, the team at Asset Plant & Machinery are just the people to talk to when it comes to making the most of what you invest in the capabilities of your business. We can help you make the right choice.

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, we have been providing our customers, both familiar and new, with a steady supply of metal working machinery, spare parts and service since we opened our doors back in 1996. We’re customer focused and our knowledge and expertise in the field of sheet metal working equipment is second to none.

We sell sheet metal guillotines across the categories:

  • Hand shears
  • Manual treadle
  • Pneumatic
  • Electro-shear
  • Hydraulic slide
  • Hydraulic swing beam
  • Variable rake

Whether you hope to build and expand your current operation or find suitable replacements for what you already have, rest assured that our team is always there to assist you in your search and provide you with a quote that makes sense.

Buy a Steelmaster Guillotine from Australia’s Leading Supplier Today

Steelmaster guillotines are some of the more highly sought-after equipment in the metalworking industry. Big or small, highly specialised or general purpose, everything they make is designed and manufactured to a brilliant standard. There are so many different options readily accessible and in stock. Whether you need a hand shear, a manual treadle, pneumatic, electro-shear, hydraulic slide, hydraulic swing beam or a variable rake, each option has been crafted to achieve the very best results.

Let Asset Plant & Machinery support your Metalworking Business

Here at Asset Plant & Machinery, our thirty-three years in this business affords us a level of insight and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. We have worked with our customers to deliver the very best products to meet their needs, and this includes providing them with exceptional machinery customisation. As such, we are not your ordinary or average run of the mill stockists, but instead, seek to enhance the value proposition available to you.

Each of our Steelmaster products has been built to a heavy-duty industrial quality and take advantage of the best of technological advancements where applicable. As such, rather than looking at one of these sublime assets as an acquisition, we believe that they should be viewed as an investment that will deliver a considerable return over many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to help you understand what you need from your sheet metal guillotine, or any other sheet metal machinery for that matter. Whether it’s press brakes, pan brake folders, or anything else you need to get the sheet metalworking job done, you can look to us to help you make an informed decision on what you want for your business.

Take a look here to see some of the more frequently asked questions that we get about our range of sheet metal guillotines.

What are sheet metal guillotines used for?

Sheet metal guillotines are used for creating clean and precise cuts in working pieces of sheet metal. They are remarkably good at doing so, and many sheet metal fabricators come to rely on the simplicity and convenience of a sheet metal guillotine. At Asset Plant & Machinery, our guillotines come with super easy to use up to date precision software.

What materials can you cut on a guillotine?

Guillotines designed for sheet metal fabrication vary from hand operated shears through to hydraulic slides and swing arms. All sheet metal guillotines are designed to work with a range of metals, but the capabilities of the particular sheet metal guillotine you have at your disposal will be the largest sole determinant. Let us know your metalworking application requirements and don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Asset Plant & Machinery.

How much do guillotine shears cost?

Guillotine shears range from smaller hand operated solutions through to full scale industrial machinery – and you can find all of that here at Asset Plant & Machinery. For smaller operations that can be carried out by hand, we have affordable solutions like the SM-HS12 and SM-HS5 priced at $199.00 and $99.00 respectively . For larger heavy industrial operations, we have solutions like the SM-EMS3000-3.2 Guillotine Electro Shear, a solution that can handle just about anything, and do it at pace for $20,850.00.

How does a guillotine shear work?

Surprisingly, even some of the most advanced guillotine shears actually rely on the same principle as a pair of scissors! Working materials are placed over a bladed cutting line, and a second blade is brought down from above at a precisely offset distance. This second blade is angled such that it distributes the force along the working piece gradually, instead of striking the whole piece flush.

At Asset PLant & Machinery, we sell guillotine shears that can handle virtually any sheet metal cutting application. From smaller hand held shears ideal for finer work, through to heavy industrial scale machinery like the SM-EMS1270-3.5 Guillotine Electro Shear. A sheet metal guillotine capable of working with 3.5m thickness materials at spans of up to 1270mm.

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