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We aim to make the purchasing experience as simple as possible. Not only do we ensure that every product listing comes with a wealth of advice and that our team members have all the experience needed to assist you, but we worked to ensure our website is super easy to navigate. We want to ensure that you have the easiest online experience.

That’s why you will find a huge range of large lathes for sale, and a range of other machinery and accessories, on our site. Simply filter by category, search for specific items, or scroll through our listings and choose the right item by checking the information provided on every item.

What to Know Before Buying a Lathe

When you’re looking for a new bore lathe, there are a few things to think about. Firstly, consider the stands you might use and your tool storage areas. For a smaller table-top bore lathe, you can choose from a number of different leg stands – either in a tube design, or made from folded steel. Some come with tool shelves, too. There are lots of options top choose from.

For a big bore cnc lathe, however, you might be looking for a standalone unit. This requires more space, and you’ll want to make sure your manufacturing area of workspace has enough room for you to navigate around the machine.

Don’t forget about the lathe bed, either. This is usually made of iron bars and is designed to connect to the headstock. This needs to be strong enough to support the tailstock without bending.

If you’re in need of electric speed controls, you should consider the higher-end lathes we offer. With these extra controls you can store your most commonly used speeds and quickly access them, and more easily adjust your device to the needs of different projects.

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Finding the prospect of picking the right lathe a little too daunting? Or do you simply want to talk to one of our experts to ensure you pick up the right piece of machinery? We’ve got you!

Our team is always ready to talk you through the options available and explain the benefits of different lathes in our range. You can reach us today by calling 1800 511 508, and a member of the Asset Plant & Machinery team will be happy to help you. Alternatively, if you have a question that you would like us to answer via email, you can reach us through the contact form right here on our website. We’ll get back in touch as soon as possible with all the answers you need!

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