SM-32120 Big Bore Lathe with Taper Turning, Steelmaster, 3000mm Centres, 800mm Swing, 120mm Bore



sku 12-0213
distance between centres 3000 mm
centre height 400 mm
swing over bed 800 mm
swing in gap 1000 mm
swing over cross-slide 450 mm
bed width 410 mm
bed height 804 mm
spindle bore 120 mm
camlock system D1 ~ 11 mm
spindle speeds 12 ~ 1000 / 18 mm
cross-slide travel 400 mm
compound slide travel 165 mm
3 jaw chuck size Ø 400 mm
4 jaw chuck size Ø 500 mm
metric threads 1 ~ 192 / 57 mm
imperial threads 2 ~ 24 / 30 imp
cross feed 0.027 ~ 0.522 mm/r
tailstock quill taper 5 mt
headstock morse taper 6 mt
tools to suit 25 / 32 mm
motor power 11 / 415 kw/V
dimensions (l x w x h) 4155 mm x 1220 mm x 1430 mm
weight (nt) 4080 kg


SM-32120 Big Bore Lathe with Taper Turning, Steelmaster, 3000mm Centres, 800mm Swing, 120mm Bore

This heavy-duty gear-head lathe with a large, 120mm spindle bore provides superior rigidity during roughing and finishing work. Its massive size and full capacities will allow you to chuck-up any heavy work piece with confidence. Whether you need to turn stainless, brass or large castings, its 410mm wide bed, heavy-duty tailstock, excellent speed range, coolant pump and powerful 7.5Kw motor will give you the best possible finishes. What’s more, it comes supplied with an auto apron stop so you can preset up to 4 different shoulders along the length of your shafting. With a quick change tool post, steady & follow rest and hex drive feed rod for smooth, consistent motion, you have the flexibility needed to tackle any job quickly. Check out the features and standard equipment list below!

❚big spindle bore of 120 mm
❚large 800 mm swing over bed
❚large 1000 mm swing in gap
❚all gears and shafts made from steel alloy, hardened and ground
❚induction-hardened and ground cast iron bed and slide ways
❚spindle holding camlock system
❚main spindle running in oil bath, hardened and ground with two adjustable precision taper roller bearings ensure accuracy
❚high machining performance with heavy duty 7.5kw main drive
❚electromagnetic spindle brake
❚metric and imperial calibrations
❚adjustable feed knock-out stops
❚power rapid traverse on the saddle
❚transversal adjustment of tailstock for taper cutting applications
❚quick change tool post standard
❚twin speed tailstock
❚2 axis DRO fitted as standard
❚safety interlocks on chuck guard, gear box and foot brake
❚415v 3ph
❚CE compliant

Technical Data Snap-Shot
❚800mm swing over bed
❚1000mm swing in gap
❚400mm gap width
❚550mm swing over toolpost
❚2000mm between centres
❚120mm spindle bore
❚400mm 3 jaw chuck
❚500mm 4 jaw chuck
❚faceplate supplied
❚fixed & travelling steadies
❚quick change post with 3 x holders
❚2 axis digital read out fitted
❚shipping dimensions – 3700mm x 1300mm x 1500mm
❚power – 415V 11Kw
❚approx weight: 4100kg

Equipment & Accessories Supplied
Easson 2 axis DRO, 3 & 4 jaw chuck, quick change tool
post with 3 holders, face plate & centres, 2 fixed steadies &
1 x travelling steady, full length splash guard up to 2000mm,
travelling splash guard fitted over 2000mm


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